'From its beginnings as a three-sax unit in 1997,
The Remote Viewers has extended its reach and overall game plan.
Northover and Petts prompt a seemingly limitless modus of
expanding the original sound into larger frameworks.
Cunning and strikingly distinct, The Remote Viewers
is an entity that should not be overlooked.'

Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz


Latest release -The Remote Code ( 3 x Cd)


A new triple CD by The Remote Viewers, recorded over four two-nightly sessions
at the Iklecktik Club during Winter/Spring 2021.

Adrian Northover - alto & soprano saxes, Wasp synth, autoharp,
stylophone, marimba, mbira, cymbal
John Edwards - double bass, electronics, metallophones, mbira
David Petts - tenor sax, noise generator, Volca fm and modular synths,
Korg monotron/delay synths, glockenspiel, mbira
(on CD3 only)
Caroline Kraabel - alto sax
Sue Lynch - tenor sax
Rosa Theodora - piano




Also available

"A live recording of the Remote Viewers Trio,
comprising of live versions of 4 tracks from The Remote Code"


David Petts - tenor saxophone
Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone
John Edwards - double bass