In January 2018 The Remote Viewers were featured in the Iklectik Horse Festival.
We were commissioned to write 4 new pieces and work with an extended ensemble,
collaborating with 11 participants from Leeds Beckett and Leeds University.
After a number of workshops 3 performances took place at the Iklectik Arts Lab on 27-01-18.

Musicians on the day were;
The Remote Viewers
David Petts - tenor saxophone
Caroline Kraabel - alto saxophone
Sue Lynch - tenor saxophone/clarinet
Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone
John Edwards - double bass
Crystabel Riley - drums (afternoon)
Mark Sanders – drums (evening)
Beth Fry - clarinet.
Rowan Thorsby - piano
Liam Chator  -laptop
Jake Mehew - analogue electronics
Alice Parrington - guitar  
Jonathan Whitehead - saxophone
Harley Johnson - keyboard/synth/sampler.
Anna Nesporova Newman - violin.
Ivan Scutt - double bass.
Bob Davies - accordion.
Tenley Martin - amplified percussion.

The evening also featured a trio of
John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophones
Mark Sanders - drums
John Edwards - double bass

Flyer here

Special thanks to Tenley Martin, Bob Davies from Leeds Beckett
and Scott McLaughlin and Marion Jago from Leeds University.
Supported by Leeds Beckett and Leeds University.

Some sound and video below.

Sound recorded at Iklectik, London, by St. Austral
Video shot by Martha Shepherd and Joana Lirio