The Remote Code ( 3 x Cd)

Product code: RV 18/19/20
Bar code: 752725044424
Release date 01-09-21


A new triple CD by The Remote Viewers, recorded over four two-nightly sessions
at the Iklecktik Club during Winter/Spring 2021.

Adrian Northover - alto & soprano saxes, Wasp synth, autoharp,
stylophone, marimba, mbira, cymbal
John Edwards - double bass, electronics, metallophones, mbira
David Petts - tenor sax, noise generator, Volca fm and modular synths,
Korg monotron/delay synths, glockenspiel, mbira
(on CD3 only)
Caroline Kraabel - alto sax
Sue Lynch - tenor sax
Rosa Theodora - piano


The Remote Viewers
Let The City Sleep

Product code: RV 17
Bar code: 752725043823
Release date 01-12-20

John Edwards - electronics/double bass
Caroline Kraabel - alto saxophone
Sue Lynch - tenor saxophone
Adrian Northover - soprano saxophone
David Petts - tenor saxophone

These compositions began life as pieces written by Petts for various instrumental combinations,
mostly focussed around reed instruments and double bass;
'The Moviegoer' for example was originally scored for four saxophones, marimba and piano, 'The Gift' for saxophones, percussion, piano and bass.

In normal times we would have rehearsed these pieces with the allotted instruments, maybe played some concerts and then recorded. But, circumstances this year meant there was no way to get musicians together for rehearsals, much less perform concerts.

And so the idea arose for Edwards to take the original scores as a starting point, re-work them using computer and electronic based sounds and arrive at different musical conclusions.  
Working digitally afforded the possibility to run riot with them.

Sections were cut up and thrown away, instrumentation changed, tempos and parts re-written;  some pieces were inverted, sounds manipulated out of all recognition and the use of sampled sound sources enabled saxophone parts to be played by vacuum cleaners and fridge sounds; a whole score could be played by harp or car horns.

Even though the results sound completely unlike their original form, through the lens of Edwards' disruptive influence, Petts' writing can still clearly be heard .

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