'From its beginnings as a three-sax unit in 1997,
The Remote Viewers has extended its reach and overall game plan.
Northover and Petts prompt a seemingly limitless modus of
expanding the original sound into larger frameworks.
Cunning and strikingly distinct, The Remote Viewers
is an entity that should not be overlooked.'

Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz

Upcoming gigs

Wednesday 31st May
The Flim Flam club
Ryans Bar, N16 0UL
The Remote Viewers Trio 
David Petts - tnr sax
Adrian Northover - sop sax
John Edwards - double bass
Debut gig for trio line up, with all new compositions and CD on the way

Wednesday 7th June
The Remote Viewers Saxophone Quartet
at Catford Constitutional Club
Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP
Really near to Catford Rail Stations
David Petts - tnr sax
Adrian Northover - sop sax
Sue Lynch - tnr sax
Caroline Kraabel - alto sax


Latest release:
No Voice From The Hall

Some reviews here

No Voice


Outtake from the new CD
(Trio improvisation by Edwards, Sanders and Northover).